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How to Read Scripture...

10 Commandments For Reading Scripture

  1. Thou shall not ignore the inspiration of Scripture. See 2 Timothy 3:16. The Bible is God’s word to us.
  2. Thou shall submit thyself to the authority of scripture.  Ask the Holy Spirit to bring illumination to the text. 
  3. Thou shall remember the principle of the Clarity Of Scripture; we can all reasonably understand the Bible!
  4. Thou shall remember that scripture interprets experience; experience does not interpret scripture, it only sheds light on it.
  5. Thou shall Seek to appreciate and understand the cultural and historical gap of 2000 plus years. The Lord will not hold him guiltless who ignoreth this law.
  6. Thou shall remember that Scripture Interprets Scripture—look for connections from book to book.
  7.  Thou shall not ignore Context. Yea rather, it is a significant clue to meaning. Thou shall avoid taking verses in isolation from the surrounding context and the overall theme of the book. A text without a context is a pretext. 
  8. Thou shall seek to understand the Old Testament quotes or allusions in New Testament texts.
  9. Thou shall observe that the Bible is a book about God. Therefore always ask, "How is God revealing himself in this text?”
  10. Thou shall pay heed to application. Thou shall prayerfully remember that the Bible is always relevant to our lives, therefore always ask, "What depravity or sin in my heart is being challenged in this text?”