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Lectio Divina: A Prayerful Reading of Scripture...

Lectio Divina is the ancient Christian practice of spiritual reading is a way of allowing the mind to descend into the heart, so that both mind and heart are drawn into the love and goodness of God. 

The 4 Stages of Prayerful Reading:

1. Read a passage. Read with a listening spirit.

  • Listen for the voice of Christ the Word.
  • What words, phrases or images stand out?
  • Hear and silently repeat a word or phrase.

​2. Read the passage again. Meditate - reflect on what we are hearing.

  • Meditate on these words, phrases or images.
  • How Christ the Word speaks to me.

3. Read the passage a third time. Pray- praying in response to God’s voice.

  • Pray about these words, phrases or images.
  • Christ the word empowers my praying through the Spirit.

4.    Read the passage a fourth time. What we will carry forward into our lives?

  • What is God asking me to change? 
  • What Christ the Word invites me to do.

We can also refer to these 4 basic stages as:

  • Read - Listen
  • Read - Reflect
  • Read - Pray
  • Read - Obey

When these elements are combined, they lead the human spirit into a dynamic interaction with the Holy Spirit.